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We do have Experience.....

We are New Jersey based Software Consulting firm specialized in SAP & Data Services Projects. We are a group of experienced SAP and Data Specialists who covers all aspect of the Project Life Span. (From Project management to Development, Configuration, Integration, Reporting, Data Migration and After Support Activities). Our consultants have an average experience of over 15 years in their area of expertise. You are assured that your issues are being taken care by experts who exactly know what they are talking about.

We have different approach.....

Our Approach on SAP: Our Clients use SAP in order to Streamline Business Processes and to Deliver Business Value. We assure the client that we are partners in this process. We try to utilize SAP's standard processes and avoid unnecessarily spending time and efforts on new custom developments. We absolutely recommend custom development only when no other options available. 

Our Approach on Data Services: Our Data Services are designed to support clients in managing their priceless data & information and making the best use of it. Our client's Business Goals and Objectives get the priority and then we focus on providing robust solutions that generate value for both Client and its end customers.

Why Us?

We know what we know. Also we try to grow along with our Clients. 

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